I am encouraging my students to consider developing, or perhaps I should say increasing, their core strength while I abandon them for a month. In classes we have been working with this series of five exercises by Coral Brown. I love the way these are presented; slow, clear, precise instructions and by using a student to demonstrate them, she can adjust and show how deepen the practice in a calm and unhurried way.

My students already have handouts on Core Strength, which goes way beyond the actual practice of the exercises themselves. By linking the mind with the practice, approaching your mat with a confident and strong mind, so much more can be achieved. Likewise regular practice will reward you not only with a stronger core physically but with a stronger and more confident mind.

Be mindful of any imbalances you become aware of between right and left sides of your body. These will be particularly evident with the side plank. During your practice if you become aware of a weak side always start and finish with this side. In this way you will gradually redress the imbalance.

With the link above, you will have access to a 2 week programme. Please progress steadily with this once you are confident with the 5 basic exercises.

I would suggest balancing your practice with a few rounds of “Salute to the Sun”, before and after. Your body will often relish the stretches and flow after working strongly.


Developing Core Strength

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