rucksackPacking a rucksack to live out of for 5 weeks is a very different thing to packing a suitcase for a weeks holiday. Every item is scrutinised for its value to those 5 weeks. This packing exercise has got me thinking about the yogic principle of non attachment. Within yoga philosophy, Patanjalis sutras are often quoted. Patanjali states that the principle of non attachment to objects is fundamental to controlling the thought waves of the mind. We all know how refreshing “de cluttering” can be. In its basic state non attachment is a form of  “de cluttering”. Clutter is not entirely what non attachment is about. It is more concerned with objects of desire. In asking ourselves “What do I gain by posession of that object?”, we are analysing its affect on our lives. If the answer is of no benefit to our soul, if it doesn’t help to free the mind or increase our “right” knowledge, then we can safely assume that object is of no real benefit. So maybe my intense scrutiny of every packed object is, after all, a good practice for the deeper art of non attachement.

I am not sure if the exhilarating feeling of minimal packing is the clarity of mind associated with non-attachment, or if it is partly the anticipation of adventures and freedom ahead. My difficulty is I have become rather attached to my rucksack…and I do hope luggage handlers and Emirates don’t force me to practise non-attachment in its extreme form..

 the yoga sutras of Patanjali